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Roscommon County Hospital.
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Roscommon Hospital Action Committee

Roscommon Hospital Action Committee has nominated their Chairperson John McDermott to contest the forthcoming general election in the Roscommon/South Leitrim Constituency.

Roscommon Hospital Action Committee was established by the Roscommon Community Council 35 years ago.  The major community issue at that time was the proposed closure of Roscommon Hospital and unfortunately the threat continues.  Current proposals are to reduce and later to remove life saving Accident & Emergency Services from both Roscommon and Ballinasloe Hospitals to University Hospital Galway.  Our medical consultants have stated publically that if these services are reduced or terminated “People will Die unnecessarily”.

We urge you to vote No.1 for John McDermott to ensure that crucial lifesaving services are retained at Roscommon County Hospital for all the people in the constituency.

We, the people, need an honest, independent voice to represent our views and concerns in Dáil Eireann.  An independent will not be ruled by the party whip.

Vote No. 1 McDermott John (Independent)


I believe that a commitment from all political parties and independent candidates to the following goals is the minimum people should expect. I will work with the people to achieve a society where all members can aspire to the highest quality of Life.

A quality accessible Health Services for the Sick and Elderly. Health Services are not luxury or discretionary services but crucial life supporting treatment for users.

Education & Training Services for our young people and unemployed is a prerequisite if we are going to have the educated, skilled workforce that is required to generate future prosperity and growth.

An opportunity to participate in employment and, when necessary, to avail of Social Welfare payments, that enable all our people to live with some semblance of dignity and a quality of life.

Policy Recommendations: I outline hereunder specific policy measures that I will propose. Other candidates and political parties are making general statements about issues but are not proposing any solutions.

Roscommon Hospital: Review existing staffing levels in Roscommon County Hospital, and replace the crucial staff required to provide 24hour/7day Accident & Emergency Services to H.I.Q.A. safety standards and comply with 2012 Hospital Licensing standards.

Health Services: All our people, the sick, the old, people with physical and intellectual impairments and their carer’s are entitled to quality accessible health services and supports.

Provide professional counselling services 24 hour/7 day week services to people suffering from depression. (500 people per year take their own lives)

Political Reform: If I am elected to Dial Eireann, I will hold ongoing public meetings throughout the Constituency and will be answerable to the people who elected me and take on board people’s issues and the recommendations made by them.

Unemployment & Jobs: We have a minimum of 350,000 skilled, unemployed people who still have a work ethic and an ambition to re enter the workforce. I will propose that a grant of €200 per week be paid to employers, in private, public and community sectors, who create full time jobs which are filled by people on Social Protection Payments. This, will only  require reallocation of funds from existing Social Welfare budget. Job specific training will be provided to participants who wish to take up these employment positions.

Young People: Provide internship jobs and work placement for young people entering the workforce.

Agriculture: Provide additional places in Agricultural Education Colleges to provide the  educated skilled workers who can drive projected expansion in the Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry sectors. Support also with Installation Aid and Farm Retirement Schemes. Adequate funding must be maintained for REPS/AEOS. Review level of payments under Single Farm and Disadvantaged Area Schemes. Renegotiate with E.U. the ban on turf cutting in designated bogs.

Enterprise: Ensure credit is made available to viable businesses through Enterprise Boards, reduce government costs and paperwork. Provide legislation to enable Rent Review down as well as upwards.

Mortgage Holders: Provide householders with the option of one year interest only payments during which they can negotiate to set aside against their mortgaged property up to 33% of their mortgage and continue to make repayments on 66% of their mortgage. Where agreement is not reached with Bank then government appointed arbiter will make a judgement

Banks: Where Banks are resorting to the courts to issue judgements or repossession orders on a person’s principal residence then they must prove that their lending was not reckless.

Public Sector: We have excellent hard working public servants who are committed to providing the highest quality of services to the people. We must maintain and replace the frontline staff needed to provide crucial community services. Review and reform the method of current public service provision in partnership with workers.

Savings for the State and benefits for the People: The Electricity Supply Board and Bord Gais both of whom are owned by the State (us) should supply energy to State and energy purchased under Household Benefits Package at cost (C.E.R. rate + distribution ) Save €80ml.   Similar savings available with phone, fuel etc. if state tendered for service.

I believe that decisions on the implementation of national policies should be made at the level closest to the beneficiary. This will give more power to local government and enable solutions to be provided which address each community’s specific needs.

John McDermott lives in Roscommon town, married to Mary, and has four children Ken, Andrea, Niamh and Alex. He has been a member of Roscommon Hospital Action Committee for 25 years and Chairperson, for the last 10 years.  Has worked for Roscommon V.E.C. as a public servant for 25 years and became a self employed community facilitator working in Community Development. He has worked with Community Enterprise Groups, Community Employment and a variety of Socio Economic and Marginalised Groups throughout the constituency. He has through his work and experience a full awareness of the difficulties facing the people and will work to address these issues. John is also a former county Roscommon G.A.A. player having represented the county at all levels and winner of National League, 4 Connaught, All Ireland Runners Up, All Ireland 7s, and 5 County Senior Championship Medals. He is an underage coach and managed teams at all levels.

Vote No.1         McDermott John              (Independent)

To elect an honest, dedicated representative, who has a proven commitment to communities and the experience to represent all the citizens in the Roscommon/South Leitrim Constituency.


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Roscommon hospital, roscommon hospital action committee, save roscommon hospital, roscommon services

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